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Bank PO : an Exam Overview

Bank PO is notation for Bank Probationary Officers which is an attractive offer for young gradua...


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Clear the Bank PO GD & PI in first attempt at

Clear the Bank PO GD & PI in first attempt at offers classroom course...

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  • Bank PO : an Exam Overview

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  • Clear the Bank PO GD & PI in first attempt at

  • IBPS Process for Arriving at Standard Scores in the Common Written Examination

Welcome To The Merit Makers

About Merit Makers

About Merit Makers

Most of the people are opting for public sector jobs as a result of which popularity of Government Employment is increasing day by day. Looking at the boom in Public sector jobs, Merit Makers brings an opportunity to reach a pool of individuals who are actively seeking employment in the public sector. Having made it ourselves, we were familiar with the skill sets required for success. Our primary goal is to build a foundation on which you can build your dream career. Expert faculty at Merit Makers education centers across the country provides quality education to make competitive exams preparation easy & hassle free.

Our teaching methodology is contemporary which keeps the students abreast with the trends and patterns competitive examinations. We give proper guidance and counseling to the aspirants who wish to pursue a career in the field of public sector. We believe in team work between the student and the mentor that starts with skills, progress into plan and results in a goal achieved. We provide regular classroom program that boosts confidence of students & creates the ability of solving even tough question in minimum span of time. Our course is well designed and updated with the changing patterns of the examination. With Merit Makers you can ask your doubts online to our faculty at any time of the day and receive response same day.

Within a short span of time, we have consistently achieved very high success percentages and plan on repeating it in the years to come.








Importance of Current Affairs in Bank Po Exams

Bank PO refers to Bank Probationary Officer. It is one of the most coveted jobs in the banking sector. In the recent past years, there has been a major bend towards this field, by the youth of India. The high income, additional perks and jobs security that the job offers, attracts the students. Also, what make it much more preferable is that it is open for students from all academic backgrounds. However, as easy as it sounds, it is a very challenging task to clear the bank po exams. The selection rate is low and the standard of the question paper is set high. If the vast pool of syllabus is not enough, current affair questions have also become a major part of the question paper. This has made the bank po exams much more difficult to clear.



The Growing Significance of Bank PO


The Growing Significance of Bank PO
Today, numerous banks have proliferated anywhere and everywhere. This has consequently generated great demand for banking professionals. Now a days, a large number of people are applying for bank jobs in the public sector. However, the post of a Bank Probationary Officer (PO)is the most sought after amongst all; owing to  the lucrative salary package it offers, the rewarding nature of the job as well as the high status value it careers.

Banking sector is constantly flourishing. Many  banks are continually originating everywhere and consequently,job opportunities in this field are growing simultaneously. It has also been estimated that a large number of bank professionals are on the verge of retiring; creating yet more number of jobs in this sector.


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Welcome Achievers

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About Bank PO

About Bank PO


Bank PO is notation for Bank Probationary Officers which is an attractive offer for Young graduates after college in banking profession. After the elimination of BSRB the only way to enter into this bank PO for a well sought career is Probationary Officers Exams conducted by individual banks.Bank PO is



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